Large companies face myriad and diverse threats, sometimes even derived from nation-state attacks, now released into the wild. For this and other reasons, an onsite visit by a well-trained Assured cybersecurity engineer is appropriate. The TripleHelix® system can be tailored to the size and industry of the client. Some reviews are conducted by one engineer over two days. Others entail two engineers for a week, possibly more, depending upon the number of locations to be visited, the nature of the operational network, and threat profile, among other factors. A full TripleHelix® assessment often yields:

  1. A roadmap identifying the cyber protection strengths in place, which ought not be modified, even in an economic downturn, as well as perhaps 20-30 specific recommendations for mitigating risk, spanning issues such as training, documentation, system architecture, OT and IT design and operational characteristics, communications security, databases, corporate culture, budgeting philosophies and styles and more.
  2. A CyberScore® which can be defended in court as a fact-based measurement of risk in the organization, accompanied by a variety of detailed threat profiles.
  3. A Regulatory Compliance Dossier, containing encrypted versions of every regulatory compliance report requested by the client. Occasionally recommendations on presentation of the data for the regulator may be provided.

Because TripleHelix® is a comprehensive assessment that can be customized to meet a client’s needs and budget, it is not available as an online, self-guided assessment. To find out more about TripleHelix®, complete the contact form, below.

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